Situated in Bai Tu Long Bay – Ha Long in the northeastern part of Quang Ninh Province, Ba Mun Island is among the largest and most impressive clusters of isles which are featured with the richest abundance of flora housed in Bai Tu Long National Park. Being domestically rated as the “precious pearl” in Bai Tu Long Bay, Ba Mun Island is a greatly magnetic destination for every tourist that is keen on both nature and adventure. Just take about 45 minutes on a high-speed boat from Cai Rong Wharf to reach the island conveniently! The first sight the tourists are thrilled at when they arrive at the island is the untouched natural scenery drawn with green forest and blue sea. The comfortably beautiful landscape there makes everybody feel relaxed and stress-free indeed.

Ba Mun Island Is Best Rated For Its Primitive Nature as Green Pearl

Bai Tu Long Bay

Landscapes of Bai Tu Long Bay

The east of the island is hit by strong waves with the 10-meter height of water spray, while the west is gifted with peaceful landscape and calm seawater that makes your boat trip smooth as expected. As a green peal of Bai Tu Long Bay, Ba Mun Island is refined with the diverse flora and fauna covering many rarely precious species. Some of the most outstanding plants are listed as Tram Do, Lim, Sen, and Tau. Especially, Lan Hai Orchid (Paphiopedilum) is reported to be available only in Lao Cai and Ba Mun.

In case of animals, there stands golden deer. Please note that the golden deer usually find equable food in the evening! Hence, it is hard to see them during the day, but there footprints are extremely visible. Besides, don’t miss names of some other rare animals including antelope, monkey, langur, sea and migratory birds. Due to the rich flora and fauna, Ba Mun Island is often called “Animal Island” by the locals. So, whenever you set foot in this destination, remember to roam around some exciting corners of the island to see how diverse the nature is!

Along with that, Ba Mun Island also houses seven vast streams whose name are uniquely known as O Lon To (large pigsty), O Lon Con (small pigsty), Mieu Danh, Van Lau, Cao Lo stream, and Che flume. These Vietnamese names are very inspirational enough to call for the vacationers’ interest. Interestingly, the water in the streams runs all year round and is extremely transparent thanks to the immense coverage of green forest. The widespread forest is a worthy source of clear water amidst the widespread sea.

So, when you tour to Ba Mun Island tourist destination, vacationers are granted the absolute freedom to explore the land on their own. This spot gives you the perfectly natural background for photographing, sightseeing, staying close to nature, etc.; and if you travel to steer the self away from stress, the peaceful island empowers you to release melancholy and regain the lost energy or the forgotten life purposes. The highlights of Ba Mun please you harmoniously, so get immersed into the stress-free and amicable island soon! It takes 3 days (at least) to explore the whole island and just 5 tours if you tour around by motorboat.