Lied on the mountainous region of northwestern Vietnam, Bac Kan province ranks priority in list of must-go destination for a wide range of backpackers. Due to the relative remote geography, the province is featured with untouched nature of fountains, rivers, lakes, caves and forests. Among these features, Ba Be Lake is one of the most attractive lakes across the globe, which calls for visitors’ interest in its history, beauty, associated with culture of the local ethnic minorities around.

Note Down Precious Information of Ba Be Lake and Tour Soon

Ba Be Lake is measured as the largest natural lake in Vietnam. Historically, the natural lake has been formed about 200 million years ago and is bordered by limestone cliffs and covered by primitive forests. Its name derives from Tay language referring to the fact that this tourist site consists of three zones whose names are Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Leng. Besides, understand that thee three rivers named Nang, Ta Han, and Nam Cuong are the major inflows of the lake. Especially, there stand three islands on the lake including An Ma, Khau Cum, and Po Gia Mai. Since all of these names come from Tay language, their sounds are quite strange and inspiration to almost all vacationers in both domestic and foreign sectors.

On a fully natural status, Ba Be Lake tourist destination is surrounded with geographical science and it is truly regarded as a biodiversity reservoir. Vietnam Prime Minister recognized Ba Be Lake as a forest preserve area and Vietnam Government also approved on the research of Ba Be National Park conservation. Thanks to the authentic performance, the Lake is worth exploring at least once. Along the route you contemplate the Lake, remember to stop by Ba Be National Park to get immersed into the nature at best. In the stress-free atmosphere, enjoy your eco-tour and express yourself happily. The lank is the real home of various animals and plants that makes up the great background for photographing indeed.

As already noted, Ba Be Lake has the extraordinary geological constitution; therefore, it possesses many special traits if compared to the other lakes worldwide. Since the terrain is covered with limestone rocks featured in attractive forms and shapes, it forms a natural landscape for everybody to enjoy. The Lake is fully laid with the southwest valley of Phiabyior Range. Its average depth is from 20 to 25m and the deepest one is 35m. With many submersible mounts and grottoes, this natural spot is the perfect home for aquatic animals. Statistics reveal that there are up to 417 species of trees available and hundreds of orchids beautifully. Please notice the fact that many species in Ba Be Lake are recorded in Vietnam Red Book.

So, let’s tour to Ba Be Lake and evaluate new gem of Bac Kan Province! If you are about to make an adventure to the northwestern part of Vietnam, don’t miss the name of Ba Be Lake Destination! This natural site will please your eye and mind peacefully. Nowadays, more and more tourists get attracted to Vietnamese ecotourism and Ba Be Lake is among the top destinations.