9 Most Exciting Things to Do in Phan Thiet Beach City
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Phan Thiet is one of the most favorite destinations for beach lovers worldwide. Travel to this picturesque city, almost everybody gets impressed by the pristine and stunning beaches which can even mesmerize them at first sight. Besides popular water sports and swimming, there are dozens of other fantastic experiences, which not many people know. Let’s see what is unique and best things to do in Phan Thiet through local Indochina Travel Vietnam specialist sharing.

Colorful sunset over the beach in Mui Ne


#1: Kayaking in BauSen

BauSen is a dreamlike place of interest in Phan Thiet, with white sand, jade lake, and green borders. The lake owns lots of fresh lotus and transparent water which are perfect for kayaking all season. Just hire a kayak there, enjoy the nature-friendly feeling and cherish the peaceful view that is hard to find elsewhere.

The White Dunes (bau sen, bau trang)- landmark near Mui Ne, Binh Thuan


#2: All-terrain Car Racing in BauTrang

It must be the memorable experience to have fun with car racing on the white-sand, smooth, and vast landscape of BauTrang. You are showered with hundreds of opportunities to drive around stunning attraction, selfie, take landscape photographs, and even try sand-skiing. The thrill-seekers definitely find this activity appealing.

#3: Sightseeing Phan Thiet City from a balloon

Be excited about a balloon ride? Surely, the bird-eye view over the beach city is so magnetic and wonderful that urges you to pack and go to Phan Thiet- Mui Ne. The new service lets you contemplate the panoramic city from the colorful balloons. Take your time admiring the city beauty!

#4: Walking in Forgotten Land

Forgotten Land is the unique park with lots of statues made from sand. It is the museum filled with exhibitions of sand artworks made by the international artists. There you find various impressive masterpieces which keep the walking full of excitement.

#5: Selfie in OngDia stone Group

OngDia Stone Group is set in the marvelous beach with golden sand, offering numerous flattering corners for the selfie. “Check-in” in this attraction of Phan Thiet City has become the hot trend amongst the teenagers. Also, the Stone Group is most fabulous during the sunset that keeps anybody that used to view such scenes praising for it.

#6: Windsurfing

For the adventurous spirits, windsurfing in Phan Thiet wins praises. The local weather conditions are ideal for windsurfing with colorful kites that might meet the world-class standard. The professional staffs and instructors are there to support you well, so no worry to try it.

#7: Exploring the Fairy Spring with bare foot

People name it “Fairy Spring” just because it’s very beautiful! The “red beauty” of this 4-km spring is unique which urges you to go on bare foot to feel the water as well as the sandbank. While the upper corner of the hill lets you spread the eyes toward the marvelous scenery, the lower part owns the cool water to exhilarate the feet.

#8: Starting a nice day at Mui Ne Fishing Market in the morning

The Mui Ne fishing market is filled with lots of colorful fishing boats which turn to be the photogenic backdrops for you to awake the talented photographers in you. Coming there in the early morning, you can see how the local fishermen enjoy their busy life activities and how the freshest fish is brought to the shore.

Fishing village, market and colorful traditional fishing boats near Mui Ne


#9: Visiting the Wine Castle

This is the paradise of various wine brands coming from all corners of the world. It’s great to visit the impressive Wine Castle and take some photographs to enrich your Phan Thiet albums. The Castle has the Western architecture inspired from the Napa Wine Valley in California. Also, the experience is just fantastic as you can taste the good wines. The eye-catching and mouth-watering moments in the Phan Thiet Wine Castleare sweet.

Be nimble-footed to carry out your plans for Phan Thiet Tours! Don’t forget to include the 9 exclusive things to do in Phan Thiet beach city in your notebook and try them out in the real time.

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