7 Top Things to Buy for Great Travel to Hue in Vietnam
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Hue in Vietnam not only is famous for ancient Citadel but also wins visitors’ praises for some fascinating specialties. If you travel to Vietnam, don’t forget to buy the 7 top souvenir products of Hue charming city and give them to your loved ones as the special gifts after a great trip.

Beautiful sunset in Huong River, and Trang Tien Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in Hue

#1: Peanut and sesame candy (Keo Me Xung)

The candy with peanut and sesame is the traditional specialty of this royal city, being recognizable for the sweet and “somehow rubbery” taste but it’s hard to be fed up with. For enjoying this candy in the Hue style, have some bars and drink lotus tea. Meanwhile, you can read a book or relax. A walk around the city lets you find many shops that sell this iconic product. The reliable addresses to buy the good bars of sesame candies are Nam Thuan, Song Hy, ThienHuong, Song Nhan, etc.

#2: Hue Nem and Tre

Hue Nem (a kind of sausage) is different from the Northern one in terms of spicing. The specialty of the royal city has no pepper in the middle. The sausage includes the fermented pork, minced pork skin, fish sauce, salt, and chili. About Tré, it’s the unique food in Hue which can be made from pork or beef. The “Beef Tre” is brown while the “Pork Tre” is brown-red. The food is often covered by banana leaves. The best address to find these specialties in Hue is Dao Duy Tu Street.

#3: Lotus Seed

You might find the lotus seed elsewhere, but there is no better place to find the best lotus seed than Hue, especially in the famous Tinh Lam Lake. Nowadays, Hue owns various lotus-raising lakes that supply the fried and fresh seed of lotus to the local markets. Come to Dong Ba Market to buy it.

#4: Cajeput

Cajeput is one of the most traditional and famous products of Hue. For ages, the local families have stored at least one cajeput bottle for the health benefits. This oil helps prevent coughing and running nose which is good for children, pregnant women, and the elders. The authentic cajeput bottles are available at CungDinhVy Da Store.

#5: The Conical Hat

Hue conical hat, especially the hat with a poem on it, is the big favorite of many travelers. Not only is it the hat, but also the artwork of the craftspeople. Without a doubt, the conical hat is the exceptional souvenir of the poetic city that you should always buy. Know that almost every local markets sell this symbolic hat, such as Dong Ba, Ben Ngu, An Cuu, etc., and the most special address is Da Le Market – the traditional and well-known wholesale market of this product to the other corners of Vietnam.

Conical hat maker

#6: The Royal Tea

Originated from the Nguyen Dynasty’s tea recipes, the Hue royal tea has the yummy and healthy flavor. Today, various packs of tea become the preferred gifts that travelers bring home. It’s great to enjoy the sesame candy with the Hue tea. The lightly sweet and fresh flavor of this drink can delight the palate.

#7: The Handicraft Souvenirs

Many souvenir shops and markets in Hue make your shopping truly enjoyable, and you might even wish to have more time and more dollars to purchase more. A vast choice of handicrafts, wooden frames, embroidery, lacquerware, lacquer paintings, etc., can turn to be the very interesting souvenirs, and some are unique in the royal land. Directly go to Dong Ba Lacquerware to find the fantastic luxury items, for example.

Hue awaits you to discover its long-lasting romance on the Perfume River or the valuable history of Hue Citadel (inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993). The significant tombs of some Nguyen King, Thien Mu Pagoda, Lang Co Beach, etc., make your Hue Tourshighly pleasurable. Of course, don’t forget the list of 7 top things to buy in Hue!

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