Travel to Hanoi means you should not ever miss “Phở” – the most famous food in the capital of Vietnam which enchant gourmets completely. To have the most authentic and delicious Northern-flavor bowls of Pho in Hanoi might be a daunting task. If you are in search of the best places for Pho in Hanoi, then aim to the 7 most outstanding places below. Add them to your notebook so that you come directly to the right venues. Hanoi tours are operated by Vietnam Tour Operator !

#1: Pho Bat Dan

It’s said that there is no better place to have Pho than in its homeland-Hanoi, and in the address of 49 Bat Dan Street, you can find some of the most original beef noodle bowls. Erected in the center of Old Quarter since the 1960s, the modest eatery has been attracting both locals and guests who are willing to stand in a queue waiting for their bowls. The genuine Pho Bat Dan represents the traditional Hanoi Pho, including the greasy, fragrant, and clear broth, the tender and soft beef, and a variety of herbs used. The venue becomes packed with patrons especially at weekend, and there seems no vacant seat. Hence, if you come there in pairs, one should order while the other reserves the seats. Your efforts will be well-deserved with the bowls full of beef and delightful flavor.

Address: 49 Bat Dan Street

#2: Pho Thin

Being famous for over 30 years, Pho Thin has long been inviting lots of connoisseurs, even though its location is far from the capital center. The key to this beef noodle is the broth, and this place owns the excellent broth made from stewed bone with spices. Besides the appetizing broth, the beef here is stir-fried well to be sweet, greasy, and fragrant. The addition of pepper, chili sauce, fish sauce, etc., according to each patron’s preference, makes the whole bowls delectable indeed. “Come to Pho Thin, eat noodle with rare stir-fried beef” has become the favorite of Hanoians. People might say the Pho in this address is greasy, but it is really addictive and you might become its fans today or tomorrow.

Address: 13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung

#3: Pho Ly Quoc Su

The other reputable venue for the best Pho in Hanoi is in 10 Ly Quoc Su Street. There you find a wide selection of flavorful noodle with rare beef or well-done beef. If you have only one chance to have Pho, then come to evaluate the perfect broth, noodle, and beef choice in this place. The hot and fragrant bowls proudly made with the tradition of over 30 years are second-to-none and succulent. You might also desire to dip “Quay” (a kind of doughnut) into the hot broth to enjoy the dish to perfection. What sets Pho Ly Quoc Su apart from the rest is the secretive processing and the choice of spices. Just the first slurp of the broth can even make you enchanted, and then when chewing some perfectly-spiced beef slices, it is wholly the interesting culinary experience in Hanoi. Many tourists stop to try a Pho during their walking tour in Hanoi old quarter.

Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su

#4: Pho Vui

Pho Vui welcomes the travelers who stay in the hotels around the Hanoi Old Quarter area. The venue is specialized in different beef choices, from rare beef to rib and well-done beef. The bowls there include plenty of tender beef, spring onions, herbs, etc., which are absolutely healthy and mouth-watering. As the shop name has stated, “Vui” refers to the pleasure or satisfaction when foodies enjoy the happy meal with beef noodle there.

Address: 25 Hang Giay, HoanKiem

#5: Pho Suong (the former name was Pho Thang Loi)

Aiming to call for the foodies’ interest and curiosity, this venue was re-named to “Pho Suong” (“Sướng” means being happy or pleased). With more than 30-year presence, the shop is recognizable for its true Hanoi-style broth which is lightly sweet while the beef is tender, fragrant, and delicate. The attractive slices of beef might catch your eyes at first sight while its smell wins your praises even from afar. So, find the way to get to this address and order a bowl. Believe it, even the most fastidious guests are glad about the authenticity of Pho there.

Address: 24 Trung Yen Alley

#6: Pho Nho

Also, this eatery has long held the solid position in the list of the best places for Hanoi Pho. The name of “Nhớ” (meaning Remember) was derived from an overseas Vietnamese who loved Hanoi Pho and came to enjoy the fantastic noodle in this shop. That person then announced that “Eat and remember forever.” Since that day, Pho Nho has become the unbeatable and favorite brand for the Pho connoisseurs. The destination is famous for the noodle with beef and chicken. Just highlight the name of this shop in your notebook, and proceed to check for yourself why many local and foreign patrons gather there throughout the day.

Address: In the crossroads of Huynh ThucKhang and Nguyen Hong Streets.

#7: Pho Hang Trong

The beef noodle is one of the best street foods to eat in Hanoi, and the best address for savoring “Pho” on the sidewalk is Hang Trong. With no luxury décor, big table, or air-conditioner, this folksy venue only provides some stools, but most of them are often packed with the foodies. The experienced patrons have an interesting way to enjoy their delicious bowls: hold the bowl in one hand while the other hand uses the chopsticks and slurp the succulent broth. This style results in the trademark of “PhởBưng” (“Bưng” describes the action of carrying the bowl with your hand while eating). But if you’re not expert like this, it’s also cool to place the bowl on the little stool and enjoy it. Sometimes, the limited version seems to be the most intriguing one to “be sold like hotcakes”. Schedule your time to come there between 17:00 – 18:00 AM so that you can “catch the worm like the early birds.”Some new guests might wonder why people accept to pay for the discomfort but try it once and perhaps, you change your mind.

Address: Hang Trong Street

Now your notebook includes the 7 top places to eat Pho in Hanoi, take your time exploring the beautiful capital of Vietnam and heading towards any of the suggested eateries. The eye-catching and mouth-watering bowls of beef noodle can surely delight your delicate palate.

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