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Son Doong Cave in Vietnam will be discovered by 6 ambassadors with the assistant of the US Foreign Affairs and Miss of Beauty Duong Truong Thien Ly.

These members met to know each other before participating in the exploration of the Son Doong Cave which will be held next week.

May 6 in Hanoi, the Secretariat of the National Commission of UNESCO in Vietnam and Oxalis Companyhave organized a banquet for that the members to meet each other before exploring the Son Doong Cave. The delegation included the ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Argentina, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia, the assistant of the US Foreign Affairsand Miss Duong Truong Thien Ly and businessman Dinh Quang Minh. This expedition will take place from 11.05.2016 to 17.05.2016.

As the only woman in the delegation, Thien Ly said she was honored to participate in the expedition in particular with the ambassadors and she is training actively physically for the trip.

Mr. Pham Sanh Chau, Ambassador and Chief of Cultural Relations Commission of UNESCO, said: the idea started when he watched TV shows on the US president who visited the distant heritage of this country. This is the best form of advertising because VIP will attract more media. He thought: why not propose the visit of the Son Doong Cave to ambassadors? They were happy to make contribution to promote the exploration for extraordinary experiences.

“The ambassadors participating in this exploration are the best messengers who can quickly transmit the message to the public and their communities: ‘’Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is very beautiful and unique,” said MrChau.

The cave expert from, Mr.Howard Limbert, a British who announced the discovery of this cave to the world also attended the meeting. Mr Howard has assured that this trip would be ” a unique experience in life. “. After the meeting, Mr Howard would meet each explorer to check all preparation for the exploration of the Son Dong Cave.