Hue in Vietnam attracts many visitors for not only the beauty of the antique Imperial City but also the unique charm of Perfume River and TrangTien Bridge. Travel to Hue, you find it wonderful to enjoy the light rain, the regional intonation, folk music, the Hue women’s sweetness,etc. During your stay,find the ideal accommodation overlooking the idyllic and beautifulriverscape.It’s good to know the 5 top hotels in Huesuggested by Indochina Tours Vietnamto cherish the mesmerizing Perfume River.

#1: Huong Giang Hotel Resort and Spa

Situated in the city center, nearby Perfume River, Huong Giang Hotel Resort and Spa offers the incredible sightseeing of the entire Hue City and the poetic riverscape. With the traditional design and furniture use, this accommodation gives you the necessary comfort to sleep well and even awaken the true poets in you. Being friendly to the river as well as many green trees, the hotel seems to be the best option to take the nicest pictures with the “Perfume River” background. It provides numerous flattering corners for photography, with either theriverscape or the hotel construction as well as some Hue-style decoration objects. Huong Giang is very close to TrangTien Bridge, and most tourists love walking from the hotel to the bridge which changes the light color at night, interestingly.

Address: 51 Le Loi Street

#2: Saigon Morin Hotel

Also located in the center of Hue Imperial City, Saigon Morin Hotel is the smart accommodation option. This lodging allows you to enjoy sightseeing both Perfume River and TrangTien Bridge, as well as the nearby attractions of Dong Ba Market and Dieu De Pagoda. Together with French-colonial architecture, the hotel also offers the well-amenity rooms, outdoor pools, gardens, and free parking lot. You also don’t need to worry about the hospitality services of the spa, cocktail, health care, etc. In fact, this address is highly ranked by foreign guests who might love the multi-language-speaking receptionists or the thoughtful services for couples.

Address: 30 Le Loi Street

#3: Festival Hue Hotel

With the harmonious combination of the modern facilities and antique styles of Hue Imperial City, the Festival Hue Hotel welcomes groups of travelers to enjoy the overnight comfort. Especially, from this lodging, you view the whole Hue City shining at night as well as the wonderfully poetic Perfume River. Of course, you should have no worry about the hotel facilities and services. Overlooking the spectacular river, this hotel is amongst the best accommodations in Hueto lay your heads. Also, its location is convenient for visiting TrangTien Bridge and Dong Ba Market.

Address: 15 Ly ThuongKiet Street

#4: Duy Tan Hotel

Standing out of the crowds, Duy Tan Hotel looks magnificently eye-catching from afar. The hotel named after the 11th King of the Nguyen Dynasty is one of the best accommodation options for you to contemplate the enchanting Perfume River from the open balconies, as well as enjoying the absolute comfort. It just takes a couple of minutes to walk toward the famous river and cherish the fresh charm. The well-equipped and nicely-designed rooms guarantee your sound sleep.

Address: 12 Hung Vuong Street

#5: Serene Palace Hotel

Just like the name of the hotel has indicated, this hotel delivers the serene settings for you to feast the eyes with the peaceful charm of Perfume River. Overlooking the well-known river as well as the whole beautiful city, the hotel rooms of Serene Palace are frequently booked by many foreign guests who come to relax at Hue. The open balconies of this lodging let you enjoy the cool wind as well as the spectacular view.

Address: 21 Lane 42 Nguyen Cong TruStreet

The Perfume River is a must to see in Hue, and you even find no better place than the five suggested hotels to contemplate the serenely gorgeous river. Come to sleep there!

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