Eating seafood is one of the best things to do when everyone travels to Vietnam Islands, but the prices of seafood today seem not to fit all budgets. Also, the tourism effects tend to inflate the seafood prices, particularly in the well-known islands. In that sense, knowing how to eat cheap delicious seafood in Vietnam […]

Vietnam tourism goes beyond the nation’s borders to strike international travelers via the charming nature, exceptional culture, proud history, and beautiful smiles. Throughout the S shape, each corner is spotlighted with several attractions, and people never run of out of interest in the country. For the perfect travel to Vietnam from Australia, it’s practical to […]

Hoang Su Phi fantastic terraced rice fields are the off-the-beaten-track and imposing destination  in Ha Giang Vietnam. Especially during the harvest season (often falls in September and October), the natural fields are carpeted yellow on the extensive areas, which appeal to nature lovers and people who look for Viet Nam Photo Tours. Hoang Su Phi […]

The Palace of Hmong King Vuong Chinh Duc (called “Nhà Vua Mèo”) has been existed for nearly 100 years old and become the unique tourist attraction in Ha Giang Vietnam. History said that it took 9 years to finish building the site which charged 15 ten thousand Indochinese silver coins (equivalent to 150 billion Vietnamese […]

Banh Sua Island (or Dao Banh Sua in Vietnamese) belongs to “Golden Circle” of the wonderful Bai Tu Long Bay, which is famous for absolute peace, pristine beauty, and yummy fresh seafood. The island itself is also named “Tu Hai” – the delicious seafood Geo-Duck or the scientific name is Lutraria philippinarum which have been […]

Since May 30, 2018, three open-top double decker buses Hanoi have been coming into operation. The buses serve panoramic city sightseeing at the ticket price of VND300.000/4 hours. Passengers can enjoy the cityscape and visit 30 tourist spots on 25 streets around the capital city. This experience is exciting and appeals to the first-time travelers […]